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Working with Depression

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

We all experience feeling ‘low’ sometimes, but depression is when you feel this way for a prolonged period. Perhaps weeks, or even months at a time. When it is affecting your ability to get on with and enjoy life, it might be a good time to seek counselling. What are the symptoms of depression?

Depression is about more than just feeling sad. It can have an effect on your mood, behaviour, body and thoughts. Symptoms might include irritability, tearfulness, lack of interest in things you used to enjoy, fatigue, struggling to concentrate, changes to your appetite or trouble sleeping. Depression can make you feel isolated whilst simultaneously making you want to withdraw and hide away from others, so it can become a vicious cycle. What are the causes of depression? There is no single cause of depression, lots of different factors can play a role. In one of my favourite books called ‘Lost Connections’ by Johann Hari, he references the following potential factors to consider. Where appropriate, I discuss these in more depth in my client work:

  • Disconnection From Meaningful Work

  • Disconnection From Other People

  • Disconnection From Meaningful Values

  • Disconnection Due to Childhood Trauma

  • Disconnection From Status and Respect

  • Disconnection From the Natural World

  • Disconnection From a Hopeful or Secure Future

  • Genetics and Brain Changes

How counselling can help depression Every therapist works with depression differently. As an integrative therapist, I integrate different counselling approaches depending on the client. Some of the ways in which I aim to help you include by:

  • Helping you discover and explore the root cause of your depression and regain your self-confidence.

  • Helping you to explore your feelings, acknowledge them and accept them.

  • Helping you to find ways to cope with what you are going through – and suggest different strategies and self-care techniques.

  • Helping you to understand your relationships with different people and if they are affecting you positively or negatively.

If you are interested in giving counselling a try, you can contact me by clicking here.

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