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By seeking therapy, you choose to prioritise your mental and emotional well-being

Paving The Way To A Happier Life



Hello, my name is Ellie Bull and I'm a qualified therapist and coach.


I am passionate about helping my clients to overcome whatever challenges they are facing in order to help them find a way to a life which they enjoy living. 

People seek out therapy for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are struggling at the moment and you're not sure what else to do. Or perhaps it's been recommended to you. Either way, you're in the right place.
If you've never had therapy before then the idea of speaking to a stranger about the personal things can be overwhelming, but I promise you that once you've taken that first step the benefits can be huge. Therapy provides you with a safe space for self-reflection, healing, and personal growth. It does not need to be a stressful or harrowing experience.

There are lots of different kinds of therapy out there, but I work with what's known as 'integrative' therapy, which means I use a combination of different approaches, depending on what it is you are hoping to gain from the process.

Whether you have a specific issue you'd like therapy to help you with, or a more general feeling of things not being quite right, I'd be happy to hear from you, so feel free to reach out and book in an initial appointment. I only charge £25 for the first appointment so that you can gage whether I'm the right fit for you. 

I offer online sessions via Zoom, and face-to-face sessions from my practice in London. 


I specialise in a number of presenting challenges such as the following:


Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes and can affect people differently. I can work with you to understand how your anxiety is showing up for you and how it's impacting your life. We'll look at what can be done to help manage the physical symptoms and work towards hopefully reducing the anxiety over time together.  

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can mean we struggle with our confidence and don't feel good about ourselves. I can work with you to understand how this is impacting your life and what from your past and present has contributed to you feeling this way. We'll work together to achieve healthier self-esteem and increased confidence.

Relationship Challenges

Relationship counselling can cover all relationships, including couples, families, friends or colleagues. Relationships are often complicated and they can impact how we feel on a daily basis. I can work with clients with a wide range of presenting relationship issues and I provide a safe, non-judgemental space for you to identify the problems and find a way through them. 

Stress & Burnout
Feeling Lost

Depression is more than just feeling sad; it's a mental health condition that can affect your thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being. Fortunately, therapy can provide a safe and compassionate space for you to explore your feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

I will work alongside you to identify the root causes of your depression and develop effective coping strategies.

In today's fast-paced world, stress and burnout have become increasingly common, leaving individuals feeling overwhelmed and emotionally drained. Stress and burnout are more than just momentary challenges; they can disrupt your physical health, relationships, and overall happiness. I understand the intricate web of factors that contribute to these issues and I'm committed to helping you regain your equilibrium.

Feeling lost can be like wandering through an unfamiliar forest, unsure of where to turn or what direction to take in life. Through therapy, I can offer you a safe and non-judgmental space to navigate your emotions, clarify your values, and set meaningful goals. We'll use a holistic approach that draws from various therapeutic modalities to help you reconnect with your passions, rediscover your strengths, and chart a new course forward.

Client Testimonial

"I´ve been having therapy with Ellie once a week for almost a year and have built up a great relationship with her which has enabled me to make significant changes in my life. Ellie has given me the chance to have new perspectives on my life and relationships. Her ability to listen carefully and link different things together over time have helped me reflect on my thoughts and actions. Her positive approach has helped me be open to change and be confident in new ways of thinking."


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