Coaching Packages

If you are interested in coaching, I always encourage individuals to arrange a complimentary discovery call with me first. This is the chance for us to discuss what you are looking to gain from the coaching process, as well as seeing if we are a good fit for working together. There is no cost for this session. 

If you decide you wish to go ahead, we will then discuss how many coaching sessions you would like to book. I offer pay-as-you-go options, as well as discounts for purchasing bundles of sessions in advance (6 or 12).


All coaching sessions take place via Zoom and I accept clients from all around the world. 


Individual sessions



If you are unsure about how many sessions you want, you can just commit to a one-off session initially for £75. 

Bundle of six sessions

To get the most out of coaching, you would want to have several sessions. By booking six sessions, the cost would be £65 per session.

Bundle of twelve sessions

If you book twelve sessions, I can offer an hourly rate of £55


The total amount can be paid in two installments if required 

Corporate Coaching Services

As well as private coaching, I work with managers, teams and whole organisations, with a specific focus on Emotional Intelligence coaching and training in the workplace.

To find out more about this, please click on the link below: